A Christmas Carol

A short series of pictures to emulate characters of Charles Dickens’ novel. These pictures were used for promoting a fashion theatre event based on the same story.

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23 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol”

  1. Have you ever been THAT into worship that you forgot you were THAT into worship? You stop playing your guitar, open your eyes and realize that the entire coroaegntign is looking at you?All glory to Him…

  2. Mun mielestä kotimaansa tai asuinpaikkansa kritisointi ei tarkoita sitä, että jompaa kumpaa jotenkin vihaisi – päinvastoin. Minä kritisoin koska *haluan asua täällä* ja toivon muutosta, jotta asiat olisivat (minun näkökulmastani) paremmin. Mielipiteiden esilletuontia kritiikkikin vain on. :)

  3. Your words show that you have had many challenges in your life and that the strength of prayer has pulled you through. I agree, that for someone to have no sense of a higher purpose would seem an impossible life. There are times when even close friends and family can not console us.My heart is with you,Holly

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